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Who we are:

We are a close-knit private practice that values ethical client care while prioritizing provider health and wellness. We work together to balance work responsibilities, team community and support, and individual health. Isolation in this field produces burn out, low job satisfaction, compassion fatigue, and compromised client care. We believe the best way to prevent this is through a collegial environment, opportunities to grow clinical skills, feedback on cases or tricky client scenarios, and action oriented support when life outside of work gets messy. We also value providing high standards of clinical care, clean and timely documentation, and thoughtful organization to best utilize our time, resources, and effort. The best fit for our team includes those that value seeing a diverse client base, giving and receiving feedback, laughter and humor, working together for a joint cause, organization, learning, and ethical care of clients.

What makes us different:

‍Innovations for our field grow daily with the introduction of Silicon Valley funded technology apps and start-ups which do not have providers as a part of the C-Suite or as founders. While advancement is positive, with these innovations comes ethical pitfalls which include privacy leaks and HIPAA violations; user agreements that allow the release of ALL client information to social media accounts for advertising; messy and unreliable employment situations for providers including pay by the word text therapy, questionable contracts, promises of payment and bonuses that don’t happen, pay cuts and layoffs when the venture capital runs dry, and little to no support for clinical work.Our hope is to remain a stand-out option for the public and the clients we serve by nurturing healthy providers who have a safe environment to discuss challenges. We utilize the highest standard of technology that has bank level security, HIPAA compliance, and zero tolerance for the sale of client data. Our processes are thoughtfully designed to avoid scenarios that could contribute to the news headlines that harm online mental health care’s reputation and public trust. We desire to provide high quality care from highly qualified professionals who have a supportive, not profit-by-volume focused, team behind them. We work to grow together.

Current Openings

Chicago Counseling is alway keen on hearing from mental health professional of all experience levels. If you're interested in joining the team please see our current openings bellow. We look forward to speaking with you.

Remote mental health counselor (LCP/LCPC, LSW/LCSW, Licensed Psychologist)